It’s official. Fall is here.

For many years we have celebrated October 15 as the official start of the planting season. All things about the equinox being equal, the nights will continue to beat out the days for the next three months, as day length decreases about one minute a day until we hit winter solstice. But we shouldn’t jump ahead to fast. Winter is coming, but fall is here, and that means plant, plant, plant! Also, a perfect time to get out and see nature, up close in your garden and out yonder over hill and dale where you find inspiration for your own place. The main point, go explore the outdoors, near and far, for your own well being.

The brief rainfall we got at the end of September made everything smell nice, and washed off most of the leaves, but did not penetrate into the root zone at all. It was a nice reminder of what rain is like, and we’ll take it as a herald of good times ahead, but from the standpoint of supplying late-season moisture to your soil, it did nothing. Our soils are still warm but getting cooler fast, and native plants will experience a “second spring” or a sort of “bonus” off-season growing period if their roots can find adequate moisture now. So you need to continue your normal summer season watering routine until we see how (if) this year’s rains materialize.


From: Mike Evans

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